“Midnight Sun Kennels”  

Located in Kiln, Mississippi 

(hour from New Orleans, La)   


Main House:






                   We designed our kennel area after years of trial and error with managing the dogs. We also had a fantasy list of comforts for ourselves.  The end results were a climate controlled building for the dogs to sleep which includes a separate whelping and puppy area; bathroom, full laundry and kitchen facilities; and TV and internet! We decided on concrete runs under a huge connecting pavilion which has overhead fans to keep the dogs cool during the heat of the summer. The concrete is easy for us to clean and was designed with a separate septic system.  The entire area is security fenced with a privacy fence in front. There are also large fenced exercise yards for conditioning.  The dogs have adjusted well to the southern temperatures and enjoy having the freedom that 15 acres affords. They can bark, howl, play and be dogs, they are happy and we are happy, free from the stress of the restrictions of the city!


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