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What a wonderful surprise from our good friends Ken and Gere Best of Kailua, Hawaii! They commissioned artist Winnie Nakatsu to draw our dear boy Ch. Double Trouble who is 13 years old. Here is the results, an absolutely stunning capture of "Justin". Words can not express our joy! Thank you~Mahalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
Brenda & Kelsey




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  The Beginning...

       Vom Feuer See's Instant Charm, CD, TC, OFA



   Ch. Midnight Sun's Double Trouble, TC, OFA


   Santana gave us Justin. He is very special to us. We have
incorporated his strengths into our breeding program...

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  Ch. Midnight Sun's Ain't No Rumor, OFA


        And the line continues..Radar is the first champion of Justin and


Vom Feuer See's Instant Charm, TC, OFA Sel. Am/Can. Ch. Bel Vista's Joey Baby, Rom, OFA Bel Vista's Lorado
Diedra v. Knaffel-Hof
Bel Vista's Tammi Lou, CD, OFA Ch. Van Cleve's Edge
Bel Vista's Brianna
Majestic Mountain's Bleu Bayou, OFA Am/Can. Ch. Legendaires Skywalker, OFA Sel. Ch. Linlock Sundown von Freya
Kobuk's Daisy of Legendaire
Vom Feuer See's Jade, OFA Ch. Bel Vista's Invador, OFA
  Bel Vista's Tammi Lou, CD, OFA







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